Monday, August 31, 2009

Color Me Organized

I just found these amazing categorized grocery shopping check lists! I will say it proudly... "I LOVE ORGANIZATION!" Call me a nerd, but it just makes me feel better to have things in the right spot, lists checked off, projects finished... If things are not in order I go crazy. God bless my husband. These shopping lists from labotoME are the bomb. If they only made one for Anthropologie and had a justification for why I needed each item on my growing list :) FYI- If you are trying to save money do not enter Anthropologie right now!!! I went this Sunday and it was absolute torcher. How can i love clothing so much. It's all just so pretty!

Wine & Cheese Party

A while ago, I posted the letterpress wine and cheese invitations I made. Well here is the party! It was a huge success. Whitney and I cooked/chopped for about 4 hours before the guests came over and everyone was impressed with the "spread"! Here are some pictures of the amazing food and tags I made. I wish I could just plan parties like this all of the time- so much fun!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Products

Someone just told me they were pregnant and I can't stop looking at baby things! It's her fault if I end up buying one of these Serena & Lilly baby sling's even though we probably won't have kids for a couple years or so! They are so beautiful. I would love to have something like this to pass down to my sisters and our kids and so on...

Re-connect with Nature... literally!

I found this cedar iphone docking station on Woodtec's etsy shop. I love the idea of setting my "internet box" on a chunk of wood to regain strength!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding Stationary

This weekend we traveled through miles of cornfields to our friends wedding in Sprinfield, Oh! I have never seen so many corn fields! It was amazing. She asked me to help her with programs, table names and place cards which you will see below! The wedding party carried huge bunches of sunflowers, which gave me the inspiration for the yellow flowers with chocolate brown text. Congrats to Mike and Tiffany! We really enjoyed the celebration :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Letterpress Business Cards

This week, I printed my first order for letterpress business cards! Even though they are for my mom. (We have to build portfolio's somehow!) I started with the amazing cranes #220 cotton stock and blind pressed the background pattern. I then followed that up with glossy black ink that created a nice contrast with the smooth cotton paper. I was so excited when the back and front lined up I almost shouted out loud in the studio. For those of you who don't letterpress, I had to switch plates and line it up perfectly to do the back design. These cards used three plates to create the overall product. Thanks to Stacy from Steracle press who was my letterpress teacher!
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