Monday, October 19, 2009

I can't wait...

To design my own kitchen!!! I have been dreaming of my own custom kitchen well since I put my first metal pot in the microwave in home ec class. (obviously my first cooking experience) I have been helping two people to re-model their kitchens and it's been torture! Both have amazing taste and are using everything I would use for my own kitchen. Here are some inspirational photos I hope to implement some day :)

I just love the clean white palate used here. The glass mosaic tile backsplash is amazing and I am dying for a pot filler! I also really like the different colored island. It creates a different space within the kitchen. This one gives off a vintage feel. I love the black and white ice cream counter marble. Hello natural light! Someone must have photoshoped my silhouette out of the far window drinking my coffee bacause I already see myself here :)
Soapstone (the counter top material used here) is my new favorite countertop! It's like granite but has this great soft feeling to it. The colors are amazing. Oh and viking appliances- need i say more?!

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