Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Natural and doable Decor'

If you are like me and are just starting to accumulate your Christmas decor, here are some ideas compliments of my "best friend" Martha Stewart! Or freshen up your traditional decorations with some of these to add a new twist.

Above: An idea for a newel post (or your front door): Take several lengths of heavy-gauge wire, knot one end of each, and string through a clementine and a jingle bell (your hands may get a bit sticky). Twist all the wires into a cluster and secure with a large bow.
Above: Lush greenery draped around the house, especially doorways, creates an inviting atmosphere and a woodsy aroma.

Above: Instead of the traditional evergreen, try a homemade wreath of citrus fruits. Start with a circular piece of florist’s foam, then use wooden florist’s picks to secure large items, such as oranges, first. Continue with smaller fruit―kumquats, clementines, limes. Tie with a thick velvet ribbon.
Above: Use wooden quilting hoops to create a mobile that floats over a table like a weightless chandelier. Turn the inner ring 180 degrees and wood-glue it to the outer ring at the top. Choose various sizes and hang the spheres at different lengths with clear fishing line and thumbtacks.

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  1. O! I love all the images and Martha too! Thanks for sharing. Happy decorating! Ali


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