Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home Office Inspiration

Hello! Sorry about the delay- i've been stuck in a storage unit! Moving day = t-minus 10 days! I actually like the process of moving, organizing, pitching and finding wedding gifts I forget we even received! It's been quite time consuming but very rewarding. Looking through anything, i've been thinking of how we are going to fill our new 1700 sq. ft. apartment! We spend alot of time in our home office (well I do, but my husband seems to think the couch is a better work surface for his laptop!) so keeping it organized with enough room to house a double bed, two work surfaces, a shelving unit and all my paper supplies is a challenge! Here are some images i'm using for inspiration. I'm sure almost everyone envies the home office that is stylish and has a spot for everything! Enjoy...
I love the shelving unit full of bins, cute organizing boxes and decor.
I'm thinking we need some wall hung organizers above our large work surfaces.
Speaking of work surfaces- I got two of these desks from ikea a while ago and lined them up so that we each had our own desk but they look like one long surface. (with white legs)

Again- love the stylish organizing bins!
The order that these frames create on the wall is great! Now that i've gone through almost everything that we own- i have discovered a TON of frames! I'm thinking they need to be lumped together in arrangements like this... (instead of placed all over)

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