Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New city, new job, more family...

Well... we moved. About three months ago! Not only did we move, but we are expecting a baby in February! And... I started a new job in September. Nothing like piling it on in a time when you already have a lot going on. But, now I get to see my sister every day and both of our families more often. It has been really nice. We found a great home to rent in a great neighborhood while we settle in and decide where to buy a home in the Grand Rapids (MI) area. So far it's been great! You can walk to restaurants, dog parks, it's close to downtown and in a quiet neighborhood. Here is the confused front porch with halloween and christmas decor.... (i promise I removed the pumpkins after Thanksgiving! Myko loves her front porch and being at street level to bark at dogs passing by...)

The entrance way... (which now is home to our Christmas tree)

The stairway to the second floor (where we have four rooms and a bathroom). Notice the stained glass window that the owners restored. It's one of my favorite parts of the house!The dining room.. I have been stalking the "Big Sur" dining table since we got married and we finally got a dining room to fit it in! Hello big family dinners :) Notice more stained glass windows!

We also scored with a gas fireplace! It's so nice to have. The living room... Those bay windows look out onto the main street in front of the house and also allow us to look in and find out if Myko has set up shop in her new sleeping arrangement, otherwise known as the couch.

I wanted to paint the kitchen to make the cabinets pop more but I haven't gotten to it yet. After painting three rooms upstairs and the living room (it was red) my mom and I were too tired to tackle the kitchen. Stay tuned for more updates on the upstairs and nursery!

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