Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jcrew to the Rescue

I have always had problems getting dressed in the morning- whether it be that I've only had 1/2 a cup of coffee by that point in my morning routine or it's just too early to be creative. I remember some knock down drag out fights that my sister and I had- "You never wear that- why can't I?", or "ok, you can wear it but you have to tell EVERYONE it's mine!" But lately I've started to pull my inspiration from another source... J.Crew. Over the past five to ten years Jenna Lyons (the head designer at J.Crew) has re-invented the company and the feeling they portray to worshipers like myself. Not only have the clothes become a whole new level of super-stylish, but the catalogs are like porn for fashionistas! I have started ripping out pages and keeping them in my closet to use as my personal stylist. Now, sometimes it does make me want to go buy that exact sparkly little tee that the model has on to complete my outfit but most of the time the looks help me to put something together that I wouldn't have been able to think up on my own by using my existing wardrobe. Here are some looks from their recent online catalog. Hopefully they bring you some inspiration!

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