Thursday, February 11, 2010

On my plate

We are heading to Green Zebra for dinner tonight! I can't wait. I have only been there once, but have been trying to get back ever since. It is so amazing! My mouth is watering already. The food there is an "experience" to say the least. Check out their motto...

More and more, there is less delineation between work and home, with many people either working at home or working longer hours and spending less free structured time at home, with the pressures that come with those life styles. The current trend in food service is toward theme restaurants or restaurants with an emphasis on quickness, ease and convenience.

Although we recognize that quickness, ease and convenience are very attractive, we think dining could also be an almost sensuous experience. In fact, we would like to reintroduce dining as an experience that requires the use of all the senses; allowing people to take time to enjoy and revel in the experience. It should be, at it’s best, an experience that people miss in their daily lives. Above all, it should be fun, with freshness and surprises in the menu, with friendliness and knowledge in the service.

There is no doubt that with the uniqueness of our menu, expectations will be diverse as well as high. We at Green Zebra will focus simply on being a genuine restaurant devoted to the celebration of seasonality, freshness and flavor. In an era of “high-tech”, we will be “high-touch”, with the emphasis on customer recognition, providing personalized service, rewarding customer loyalty, and giving our guests an experience that’s worthy and will make us proud.

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