Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stylish organization that is! West Elm is having a sale on their amazing storage pieces! If you are anything like me, you have dreams of everything you own having a "place", and nightmares thinking about the ikea parts you have sitting on a plate in your office closet because there is nowhere to put them! Isn't everyone like that? I know, i know- my husband thinks i'm crazy every time I throw something out because I don't want it sitting around, but it's something I need to keep me sane. West Elm is helping me sleep at night with their 20% off sale on office storage. These would be perfect for the leaning shelves in our living room!

I saw this woven storage when I was in the store the other day- the pictures do not do it justice. It's textured grass cloth!
This chunky basket line adds a modern flare to basket weave. I love this series- a braided flexible textured jute. Magazine bins are such a savior for me because this is the
one thing I never want to throw away!

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