Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spanish Water

I am loving this stylish new glass water bottle from Penaclara 22! Penaclara comes from northern Spain where apparently there are a bunch of swanky people walking around with super cool glass bottles of water :) (or that's what i'm picturing atleast) And there is an interesting story to go with it! ...

The source of Peñaclara 22 lies in the heart of Sierra de Cameros in the La Rioja area of northern Spain. From a depth of more then 1600ft (550m)the artesian spring emerges underneath a magnificent mountain called Peñaseto, and all the surroundings are forbidding any kind of human or industrial activities, assuring the quality of this artesian aquifer.The source was well known by the Goths, but the first hand-written document was dated the 7th of July of 1029, where in her will, Lady Onneca handed over Torrecilla territories and their baths to the King Sancho II. In 1859, Dr. Ildefonso Zubia e Icazuriaga, Head of Department of Physics, Chemistry and Natural History, analyzed the properties of this now famous mineral water. Due to the geological strata, the depth of the source and a very slow absorption process spanning about 150 years Peñaclara 22 has a very distinct terroir. The source has a flow unchanged by seasons and the water emerges at a constant temperature of 73ºF (22ºC).

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