Friday, March 12, 2010

Feeling Grounded

Happy Friday- finally! I have news: we found a place! We signed on our new apartment last night and I'm really excited about it. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen, storage, rooftop access and SPACE! I thought we would never find it. But now I can't stop thinking about the things we need to outfit our new digs. We already have a ton of furniture, but I would like to get some new rugs for the living room, our bedroom and the guest bedroom. What luck that West Elm is having an exclusive online rug sale for the next 4 days! 10% off all orders and the shipping is not as bad as you would think. (I put a 8' x 5' rug in my shopping cart and the shipping was only $20) I should wait until we move in, but they are only on sale for 4 days! What to do?
I've got my eye on this jute bucle rug shown below for our bedroom. I can't decide on the color though- platinum or natural?! I am thinking of painting the walls a really light gray so the platinum would make sense, but I am drawn to the natural too.I would love the matching runner for the guest room.
Here it is on the platinum finish:

I'm also pretty obsessed with the pebble rug. It is the softest plushest thing ever! It would be great in the living room since we sit at the coffee table alot to work on computers, feast or just play with Myko. (our golden retriever who is also super excited to live above her favorite dog store in the city)

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  1. nice work on finding a new place! (not that i didn't think your current digs are the cat's pajamas.) what neighborhood? get some photos up!


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