Monday, March 8, 2010

House Hunting

Good morning! We have been looking for a new place for the past couple of weeks so I have been super busy! We have come up empty handed so far, but the search is still on! I will keep my game face on and power through without getting my hopes up only to have them let down because we have the cutest golden retriever know to man :) Oh well- she is so worth it. We will find a place located more than 10 feet from the train with more space, a nice kitchen and parking all included- i just know it. In the meantime, we have come across some really nice places for rent that i'm assuming were taken off the real estate market because of our drowning economy. There really is alot out there! What do you look for in a rental? I don't think i'm asking alot with my list...

1. SPACE (more than 1150 sq. ft.)
2. one or two bathrooms with storage (these bathrooms should not include black and white checkered tile or black jacuzzi tubs)
3. an outdoor space (small deck will do)
4. a bedroom that we can walk around in while our bed is still in it.
5. an area where a small home office will fit
6. Hardwood floors are highly desired, but not a must (on the contrary, the carpet should not be muted gray, green or any other drab color)
7. Kitchen- this might be my pickiest area, (and the hardest thing for my husband to understand) but I spend alot of time cooking and entertaining in my kitchen and I would like this to be the nicest entity in the space!
8. Storage- as in closets. Being from Northern Michigan I have collected my fair share of coats. Not to mention my clothing collection that I really need to organize and purge!

Is this too much to ask? On another note, I forgot to post the images I found of the kitchen in
"It's Complicated". I fell in love with it when I saw the movie. Very french utilitarian. ( i made that up and have no idea what it means, but it sounds right!) Enjoy...

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